Wednesday, February 22, 2012

bonnaroo footware

Last year I went to the huge music festival Bonnaroo. It was a blast. It was only four days but I caught on fast. For some reason I decidedly packed only three shoes and some shower flip flops. I had my favorite sandals, a pair of black heels, and some old combat boots. If I were to go back to Bonnaroo...I would take my shower shoes and my boots! Just to clear the air, no I did not wear the heels. So, on the first day I wore my favorite sandals and I wouldn't recommend open toed shoes. My camp was so far away from centeroo, it was so dusty, there were people walking in every direction. My feet were mad dirty!! I managed not to get my toes stepped on, but avoiding the trauma took a lil away from the concerts...the worrying and all lol or hallucinating. The next day I wore the boots and I felt like I walked faster. There were walking trails with nothing but sand, or gravel, or when wet, mud. The boots rocked my world and I would put combat boots, high tops, cowboy boots, work boots, rain boots, whatever you prefer...take boots. And omgoodness take shower shoes!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Need Extra Space

Yes!! Leave space in your suit case, bag pack, and other item holders when packing for a trip. The extra space and be filled up with new items once you arrive to your vaca spot. You will not have to worry about how you are going to get your new gear back home. This is great advice, because mailing items back home can be costly!! Imagine if you are overseas...custums and all of that paper work smh yes it does/it will suck. So, leave extra space in your bags...just in case! LaShawnaNicole

Leave the Good Stuff At Home

Leave the Good Stuff At Home
            While getting ready to go on that vacation you wonder should I take these shoes. The good sunny day shoes, the matching my white t-shirt with my blue jeans shoes… The question dances in your mind. I am here, OOOh, I am LaShawnaNicole btw, as I was typing; I am here to tell you…Do Not Take Them!!! Really don’t. Take the old ones or the universal shoes that you own. You may end up out shinning your friends in the looks department. Stylishly of course, because I have not a clue on what you look like. If you leave the good stuff at home, you will have something to look forward too. You will not feel awkward about wearing the same outfit on the first day back to school as you did on the last day of spring break vacation. I have done that…it’s funny when you recognize your own fashion mistakes. Leave the good stuff behind because you never know what lies ahead. You and your friends might run out of gas on a dirt road, and then it rains, and now it’s a muddy road…your fly white shoes are now a done deal, unless you clean them…buy new laces…yeah right.